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If you live in a condo there is a good chance that the association has a master insurance policy. It is important to understand what is covered under the master policy and what is not so that you can properly protect your residence with a West Palm Beach condo insurance policy.

There are some associations that also have coverage for townhomes within the association but it is imperative that you confirm this prior to purchasing a condo insurance in West Palm Beach.

The association’s policy is going to cover the outside of the condo itself. For example, if there was a fire and the entire building needed to be reconstructed the master insurance policy will build out up to a shell. You will be responsible from the drywall in. This includes, the flooring, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.

Much like a homeowners insurance policy a West Palm Beach condo insurance policy has several main coverages.

Condo Insurance Coverages

Coverage A – Dwelling – Even though the association has a master policy you will be responsible for any additions and betterment. This includes paint/ wallpaper, cabinets, fixtures, or any other attached improvement.

Coverage C – Personal Property – Anything that is not attached to the condo is considered personal property. There are two ways to cover your contents; Actual Cash Value (ACV) or (RC). ACV is a little less premium but covers your contents on a depreciated basis.

Coverage D – Loss of Use – If your property is damaged by a covered loss this coverage will cover your rental expenses while the condo is being rebuilt.

Coverage E – Personal Liability – If you are named as a defendant in a lawsuit your insurance policy will cover your legal expenses.

Coverage F – Medical Liability – If someone is injured on your property medical liability coverage will cover their medical expenses. Generally this coverage tops at $5,000.

Our West Palm Beach condo insurance specialist works with many insurance carriers to ensure that you are receiving the best value and best coverages for your condo.

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